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Aki-no-hashi translates to English as Autumn Bridge.

Emily Gibson's First Clue:

"Lord Narihira learned from the visitor the arrival of American beauty in Cloud of Sparrows Castle would signal he ulimate triumph of the Okumichi clan. Fool that he was, he caused roses to be planted in the inner garden of the castle, and named them American Beauty roses, thinking that by so doing, he was bringing the prophecy to fruition. Is this not typical of a man, to try to force the river in a certain way, rather than to understand its currents, and ride it effortlessly to its natural destination? It is hard to imagine a woman so foolish, is it not? When heaven gave men command of he world, the gods above were surely displaying a most mischievous sense of humor."[1]

Shizuka's message to Emily:

"We will meet in Mushindo Abbey, when you enter my cell. You will speak, and I will not. When you look for me, you will not find me. How is this possible? You will not know until the child appears, then you will know without doubt."[2]

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