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Background Edit

Eroghut was from Nürjhen, an area that had been overrun by the Mongols. The Nürjhen had been forced to fight for the Mongols. Eroghut was the son of a sorceress.

Appearances Edit

In 1281, Eroghut deserted the Mongols during battle and saved the life of Lord Masamuné. After accepting the name "Go," he commanded and trained the cavalry of Akaoka. Masamuné gave Go one of his concubines as his wife. The marriage produced Chiaki. It also produced three girls who Go killed because he did not want another sorceress in his family.

During the celebrations of Lord Hironobu's victory, Go seduced—or was seduced by—Nowaki; that tryst produced Shizuka.

By 1867 or before, Go was believed to have been Japanese.

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