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Background[edit | edit source]

Kuma the Bear was a Ninja who had raised Mayonaka no Heiko and trained her as a Ninja. He was in the employ of Kawakami Eichi.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Kuma attempted to kill Okumichi no kami Genji but found that he had picked up an unloaded weapon. A short time later he tried to kill Matthew Stark but Stark saw him and ducked; he convinced himself that Stark had tripped. Kuma mortally wounded Zephaniah Cromwell instead. He told Kawakami that he had aimed for Cromwell. Kawakami told Kuma not to make another attempt against Genji, to attack the Missionaries if they were under the protection of the Okumichi Clan, and to keep watching Mayonaka no Heiko.

Kuma met with Heiko and they discussed what Kawakami was ordering them to do.

Kuma took advantage of the naval bombardment of Quiet Crane Palace to attempt to kill Emily Gibson. He paused when Heiko told him not to kill Emily. Matthew Stark saw what Kuma was doing and killed him.

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