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Background Edit

Makoto Stark was the son of Genji and Heiko and was born in the United States. Heiko died within days of Makoto's birth; Matthew and Sachiko Stark saw to his care and let him believe that they were his biological parents. When he was about twenty, Makoto realized that he was completely Japanese, unlike his "sisters," who were half Caucasian and half Japanese. He concluded that Sachiko was his mother but that Matthew definitely was not his father.

Appearances Edit

In 1882, for thrills, Makoto began stealing jewelry from wealthy residents of San Francisco. He gave the jewelry to Siu-fong, a Chinese prostitute. Makoto admitted to his criminal activity when challenged by Matthew, who told him he would be sent to Canada to learn mining operations to avoid being arrested by the police or killed by a Chinese tong. Makoto was sent to the train station in the company of Jiro. He gave Jiro the slip.

Before leaving San Francisco, Makoto tried to take Siu-fong with him. He encountered and killed four members of a tong. Siu-fong was killed by one of the tong members. Makoto escaped unharmed.

Makoto intended to go to Mexico but boarded the SS Hawaiian Cane and sailed for Japan with the intention of asking Genji why he had made the decisions he had about Makoto before the police and tongs caught up with him.

Upon arriving in Japan, Makoto visited Mushindo Abbey and spoke with Jintoku after learning that the story told at the abbey about the battle of Mushindo Monastery did not match that told by the Starks. He decided to visit Genji. When Makopto met Genji and Shizuka, Shizuka commented that both their mothers were deceased. This the point at which Makoto realized that Heiko rather than Sachiko Stark was his birth mother.

Makoto set out to kill Genji but ended up saving his like instead.

Makoto eventually succeeded Goro as the caretaker at Mushindo Abbey.

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