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Background Edit

Mayonaka no Heiko, although she did not know it, was an Eta. She spent her childhood in a fishing village. She became a Geisha and was hired by Kawakami Eichi to spy on Okumichi no kami Genji.

Appearances Edit

Heiko first came to the attention of Genji late in 1860 when she was hired to provide entertainment at Quiet Crane Palace the night that Genji had his first vision.

When being debriefed by Kawakami, Heiko told him that she had overheard Kudo and Saiki discussing Suzume-no-kumo, which she suggested contained all the visions of the Lords of Akaoka since Hironobu.

Before she left Japan she learned that an outsider fortune teller had predicted that Genji's heir would be named "Makoto."

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