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Mushindo Abbey was built by Lord Bandan as a refuge for his pregnant daughter, Nowaki. Over the years, it was know as both an abbey and a monastery.

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Lady Shizuka was born at Mushindo Abbey in 1292. She screamed constantly. Her mother and Lady Kiyomi wept together.

In 1308, Shizuka'a screaming stopped when she entered puberty.

In 1311 or shortly after, the men who murdered Lord Hironobu burned the abbey to the ground while it was occupied.

Old Abbot Zengen rebuilt it in ____, making it a monastery.

In 1867, Emily Gibson and Hanako visit the ruined monastery to spend time in "Shizuka's cell" to make contact with her. After a night's sleep, Hanako went to admire a garden.

Emily strolled in a meadow. she saw a young woman sanding in the shadow of some pine trees. When Emily spoke to the young woman, the youngster seem terrified and fled. Taro made his first attempt in kill Emily but heard her talking; he did not see anyone. Emily discovered a foundation stone and realized she had found Shizuka's cell. Emily fainted. When she regained consciousness, she was introduced to a young woman named Yasuko who did not resemble the woman she had seen. Emily realized she had been standing in Mushindo Abbey. Afterward, Hanako told Emily about Genji's vision of his child wearing Emily's locket.

The next day, Taro undertook his murder of Emily. Both Hanako and Emily were prepared. Hanako shot him, but wound was not serious. Taro interrogated Kimi, who quoted Autumn Bridge to him, making his men nervous. Kimi escaped and soon had Goro throwing rocks at the Samurai with near deadly accuracy.

Taro atempted to isolate Emily from Hanako and kill Emily. He ended up killing Hanako and being killed by Saemon.

Genji re-designated Mushindo as an abbey and made Kimi the abbess.

By 1882, Kimi had taken the name Jintoku. She met Makoto Stark at the abbey.

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