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Background Edit

Genji was the only child of Yorimasa who died before he could become the Lord of Akaoka. Although he had trained well in the way of the Samurai, he posed as a dilettante. He was the twenty-sixth Great Lord of Akaoka.

Genji rejected the romantic notions about the Samurai and believed them to have raped rather than protected Japan.

Appearances Edit

In 1860, he first met Mayonaka no Heiko, a geisha, and was attracted to her. Later that day, he had his first vision. He learned soon after that his grandfather was dead.

In 1861, after he Battle of Mushindo Monastery, Genji led a raid on a village and and ensured that every resident died.

Visions Edit

Genji had three visions:

  1. In 1860, he saw his own murder but did not know when or where it would take place. Present was a beautiful young woman who was not quite familiar to him; she wore a locket with a fleur-de-lis.
  2. In 1867, saw himself hurrying to the room where Emily was giving birth but arriving after she had died. He tries to look at the baby's face but all he can see is the locket with a fleur-de-lis hanging from a chain around the baby's neck.
  3. In 1895, he saw himself at age three flying a kite with his mother nearby. He wanted to see his mother's face but the vision ended before he was able to turn his head.
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