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Background Edit

Okumichi no kami Kiyori kept company with Lady Shizuka over a gap of about 500 years. When they first met in 1796 in his calendar, he was fifteen and she was sixteen; when they last met in 1860 in his calendar, he was seventy-nine and she was nineteen.

Appearances Edit

Their last meeting, early December 1860 for him, was also the nights they both died. While they were meeting, Kiyori was served tea by Hanako; Kiyori told Hanako she was to move to Quiet Crane Palace and enter into the service of his son, Okumichi no kami Genji. Kiyori also hoped that Genji would be attracted to Hanako. Kiyori was killed by blowfish bile placed into his soup by his son Shigeru.


  • Kiyori saw that Shigeru would have visions and that he would fall in love with and marry a woman who (?) him. They would have a son and two daughters. Shigeru would win battles and men would fear him. Kiyori told Shigeru not to kill a man who came to him after his visions began.
  • Kiyori saw Genji speaking English to others and told Genji to begin studying the language.
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